Nowadays, any organisation meaning to do business in a range of sectors needs to focus on factors beyond the textbook financial risk(s).

This involves taking a long-term view at factors beyond the economic and financial sphere. This may involve gauging political risks and opportunities that may underline the sustainability of any given decision framework.

(Geo) political events can rapidly change the value of any given asset and undercut the traditional financial and economic frameworks that are used to build strategies.

While one’s definition of political risk may be broad, it is important for organisations to understand all the ways in which political risks can affect existing strategies. Often, risks and opportunities that are below-the-radar today can seriously affect your business tomorrow, regardless of the headlines.

VMVO assists in mastering the complex and often veiled dynamic where government, politics, media, and business intersect.

Through an extensive insight into policy-making and its business implications, VMVO will support in formulating a match strategy.

At VMVO, the financial and corporate development advisory go hand-in-hand with the assessment of whether a deal is politically expedient.